what this means to me

We all search for things that could make us happy. They could be the things we enjoy every day or the things that we wish we could do.

In my case, I’d like to say that for a large part of my life, I have been looking for the things that can make me happy.  I joined the school paper in high school and was good at it. I also got the chance to join different student writer contests. In college, I also had the chance to be part of the school publication but I opt not to join because I wanted to concentrate on my academics. I managed to submit some of my works, mostly short poems, to the pub. My creative writing professor even handpicked me to join a writers’ convention after having been able to read the poems I submitted as a course requirement. It really is a thrill to read your articles from somewhere.

Then on, I started to imagine a writing career for myself in the future. Many writers in the past would actually say that there is no money I writing. Well, Shakespeare died before the world really learned to appreciate a lot of his works. But there are the likes of some living authors who are still alive and are able to feel that glory of the byline while they earn as people learn to love their pieces of work.

I have told myself once that I am not aiming to be a well-known writer nor a prolific one. I actually feel that it is only a few people who appreciate me and what words I write. For instance, the classmates who I wrote a poem for in her birthday or that seatmate of mine who ask for help in his compositions. The gratification, so to speak is very personal and intimate. When you are able to write what you mean and mean what you write, there the happiness is.

I am in a sense, a free writer. I could write at random moments. (Of course, the topics matter.) Even at the middle of my sleep, perhaps. It is odd and strange to feel that sometimes you really have a great urge to grab that pen and write. Maybe that’s nature. It runs in your veins. But sometimes, you also run out of inspiration. Or when you feel that you are under some level of coercion, the words just won’t come out- even when you squeeze your brains out of your head. Well, I call that limitation.

In the end, to have a career in writing means being able to do what you love and love what you do all at the same time. After all, you can be a writer anytime and anywhere.


2 thoughts on “what this means to me

  1. Love your ambitions.. I wish i still help you…….you even better than me in writing and speaking.
    well done Ryan.. wish all the best for the future. God well always with us..


  2. hello there tita!
    this blog is actually a trial blog that i had last june. for i time i lost the password and had recovered it just now. i have a new blog,that’s why. anyways, thanks for the nice words!

    i also added you as a friend on facebook =)
    regards to everyone!

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