the journey so far



The Year of the Dragon opened its mouth with quite big challenges for me. First off, I was officially assigned to a new project at work. While I have been a guest for the project since October, it still got me new excitement and pressure to be part of it, officially at least.

But the change is positive, I must say. I have good people in the team to work with. They are a bit senior which surprisingly makes working easier.

Plus I get to do what I love to do best – to write.

I miss the happy-go-lucky days, though. I miss school and my friends. I miss just lazing around waiting for time to pass by, idle all the while.

I barely noticed how months have gone fast Things changed now, I have a new environment where rules are rules. I rather

Plus, I also won the bread.

Changes are good and they are there to make the better out of us.


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