On Hesitations



It is hard when you are caught between liking something so much and reasons why you should not. It is a hard path choosing either, because it is always a two-way scenario which ever you choose.

You get some. You lose some. And it sores when you don’t get what you have always wanted.

Like in staying with this job or leaving to find another.

I am confused more than ever to actually face a couple of choices now that I have decided to stay here for good, for as long as I am happy.

Just when I am starting to like, love this job. I get new choices. Alluring. Tempting.

The decision is most critical, hardest.

Do I stay with something I actually enjoy but could give me less? Or do I go risk something for something else, something more competitive and rewarding?

The question makes my head ache, and my knees shake.


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