i am missing my…

i am missing my classmates much. i look to the days when what we ever did was just laugh and let all things pass us by. it was idle but it was most fun.



meet ermie, a petite young lady who happens to be my thesis partner. we were constant companions in school ad have been groupmates almost 90 percent of the time. she is somebody who really knows how to have fun. but albeit the cheerful disposition, she has a very soft spot in her heart. (she was crying so hard days before graduation day). i have fond memories of her- conversations on many things that may or may not matter. i was welcome in their abode.  and she keeps some of my files in her laptop. i think i have to recover them soon.

steph is a moody person but when it comes to me, she bows down. i’m more moody. hehe. well, i have a lot to thank her. first, she has been my constant confidante. she, more or less, knew what happens at home because i tell her a lot. i got advice from her many times. in most cases, i did not follow. (giggles) but i listened, at least. she is fascinated by the moon the same way that i am. she likes to go biking and can do that all day. i used to help her with her lunch. 🙂 she did me many favors like encoding reports, downloading things, uploading  FB pictures. haha. she was one best friend i  had. (and she has records of extreme dysmenorrhea attack.)




if there is one person i consider a sister, that would be sarah. we were born a day and a year apart. she’s older of course. i know where she lives (what? fyi, that’s big deal) it was not that easy to locate her… i know her mom, who is a great cook. (can’t wait to pay another visit) and her siblings too. she have cried a lot of times for a lot of crazy reasons. i think i did my part listening to her. she’s fragile but she can be strong. she can be deeeeply in love at times. like steph, she too has listened to me always. we shared a lot of special moments even outside the university. i volunteered on an NGO where she was a volunteer as well, we beacme good good friends since then. she knows a lot about me. and i know she understands me the same way that i understand her cravings for extra rice. i know a few of her secrets (before the public had an access to it). we used to talk a lot. we used to walk a lot…


may has physically metamorphosed over the years. she used to have kinky hair and used to dress boyish (e.g. plain Tshirt and tattered pants, sneakers) but lately, she has become a swan (from a duckling?) haha. perhaps she discovered she was after all, a girl? she was born the nth child (bunso) in a family of all boys (good thing her mom was not, haha). that could explain why she is boy-ish. but who cares? this good friend knows exactly where and when to talk and listen. i kind of  found it hard to make conversations with her at first but eventually i managed to dissect the process. she is one of those who tells youy what they think about the situation but leaves you the judgment in the end. she has a soft spot in her heart, i have seen that.


and of course jade.. what can i say. jade is simply a dynamite. aside from the fact that she cuts her hair and changes its colour more often than i change TV channels, she too has an entirely fascinatingly strong personality. first mpression: brat or anything (peace). but she is totally otherwise, she is vulnerable. she cries. she gets hurt. many people don’t get her. sometimes, even i. but knowing her closer, i have started to understand and appreciate her as a person. a non-conventional doll she impressions are skin deep. she may be MISSunderstood but who the heaven cares? i just love her for being straight forward and honest. (and skinny ! i’m guessing she will someday hit the runway)







i used to go home with casi almost every day. we bought things together. he asks for my opinion (sometimes) on what he should wear. he is a little (and a little more) vain. i understand that though. he has an image to protect being mr. bu. he is some kind of a heartthrob. but from his barkada, he gets no special seats. he gets the same amount of honest criticism. that should make him sane.






if there is a mr. bu, there is also a ms. bu. gilda is funny and messy. she is everywhere there is a camera. a camera whore indeed. although she lost her father when she was young, she still grew up to be somebody who can stand on her ground. she fights for what she believes, right or wrong. she fights hard. and it is something i admire. i don’t think she gets nervous at all. her being candid and natural is what makes her a stand-out. plus, the long hair that she seldom fixes. (super laugh)





tes  is closest to casi but i do consider her a good friend as well. i have fond memories of her. she has alot of sentimentalism in her blood- being a nature lover of some sort, the editor in chief and an artist in her own right. she so likes chocolates and any food in general. she is fond of pets as well, especially kittens. she is super workaholic (e.g. stays till the wee hours doing nothing). while she smiles a lot, she also hurts deep.  but sometimes she doesn’t tell. but when she doesn’t tell, i guess it right.





owen is  another hard to digest personality in the classroom. he may be the governor but he is also the most contradicted of all. plain outspoken or arguably tactless? but owen has an innate sense of responsibility. i remember him a lot of times soaked in his own sweat running on many errands as governor, which include carrying equipment, borrowing these and that, contacting professors and so on. so i pay credit to his heroism. plus he has a reputation for not letting anybody down (he makes asikaso when people get drunk). least i forget, he too is brutally frank. he tells you what he thinks. whether you accept it or not. and he has also been accused manyak. but i would rather keep quiet on the issue.




because kath sounds like cat, she meows literally about many things, mostly on things that are funny and mostly on things that are not. she is the definition of candid. she giggles at all times. she spreads her laughter to the world as if there is no tomorrow. and she likes to make up everyone.  she is the resident salon of the group. not an idle moment with this fun fun girl and her pata she cares not when people stare at her legs! haha. but amidst the jovial girl that she is, kath too has a fair share of cry moments. she lost her dad as a kid and was left in the custody of her mama uyet (her tita) while her mom went to earn. she, in return has somehow lost the figure of a mother, albeit being well taken care of by her relatives. a real parent sure means so much. her not so good terms with her mom usually makes her shed tears, (aside from minor cases of love sickness.)


juls has a bit of a sharp tongue which she learned growing up in manila (pardon the place). she could talk that fast in confrontations about issues that mean life and death. she is a feisty volcano that awaits to be triggered. and when she does, she explodes. she is the kind who doesn’t retreat until she is dead. she may have lost the war but she always makes sure she gave it one hell of a fight. i only have a few especially memorable moments with her considering she has businesses to attend to. i like it though that she reacts to situations in such a way that she has proof over her claims. (debate?) and most importantly, she has uttered a lot of memorable one-liner palengkera quotes. but  it’s not always about annabel rama for juls. she is an achiever. an intellectual.  being the eldest in the family, she is well-versed with house proceedings. (i like her adobo)

now this is (a part of) my gang. the photo was taken during the baccalaureate mass a day before grad. we were doned in our academic gowns, of course.


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