a look at the year that was

Time flies. I can’t believe it’s been close to a year now since I graduated college.

On second thought, it has been a long road filled with a couple of twists and turns, detours, changing lanes, and occasional stopovers. Along with new challenges came changes, chances, choices and consequences.

I had a couple of failed attempts. I have been disappointed many times to the point of asking why I do things in the first place. I went on, though because I know that the only way to go is forward.

I ponder on my journey so far as I board a bus home.

April. I went on a three-day educational trip organized by the NGO I am a part of. The kids had so much fun as we raided museums and parks, the MOA, visited the Malacañang and caught in awe by the circus-cum-musicale called KAOS. That experience holds a special place in my heart.

After four years of supposedly laborious academic struggle, I felt that I had to take a long break and just stay idle at home. I went back to the things I have not given time to – cooking, trying hard painting, pets, cleaning the house, doing the laundry. It felt like I was away the longest time and had to make myself familiar again with these things.

May. I applied in two to three companies. Firstly, I tried my luck into a commercial centre. Submit resume, a simple chitchat. I got accepted but was only half-relieved because I was never sure if I fit the position I was offered. I went on though. Until it was final interview. To my great dismay, I declined. I told the manager honestly what I felt about my application. There was hesitation in my every response to every question. She praised me for my credentials but to me, it sounded more like, “find something else”.  And that, I did.

Travel and Tours Company. I took the exam and passed. Interview on the same day, said they will consider you, call you soonest. It sounded promising but not really. You will just wait and wait long enough till you twll yourself finally that there is nothing to expect.

I considered the other branch of the same commercial centre. The usual exam and interview. And the promises.

June. I started to get depressed. I had no idea where to go. My uncle told me he would introduce me to his former boss who runs a college. He said I could take Law there while working in the office. Should I go to school again? I had hesitation because I did not like the idea that I will endure another four years of school – the process repeats over gain. Plus, if I were to go to school again, it better a course I would really kill for.

Cut the story short. I waited again for days and nights to pass.

But I got an offer from the NGO. I spent Saturdays to train and rehearse the kids for a series of advocacy presentation. I sort of directed a mini mini show. While doing this, I still asked myself often where I am really headed to.

July. I still waited persistently…

Together with a classmate, we were supposed to apply at the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas). Unfortunately, just because we did not have folders for our resume, the guard declined to accept them.

So we applied in the primary school in front. We had a brief conversation with the executive director who was a bit old and somehow too passive to be a school leader. But we had been told they will consider our application as teacher. BUT, they were looking for a teacher who will not only teach English subjects but Science, Math, Filipino, so on. And one more thing, they needed only one.

The next day, I got a call, to my surprise. They wanted me to report ASAP for the orientation.

I was not happy about the news as I have learned that my classmate turned down the offer and I was a loser of a second choice. So I forgot about it, although they called me for a number of times.

Next page. I applied as a content writer in a BPO company but was accepted in an unpaid training lasting two weeks instead. But I left on the sixth day as I can no longer take what seemed to me as an alien world.

I knew what I was capable of and willing to learn but when I see that I am way too far behind the competition, I can humbly give way. My reason for not pushing through was practical. I virtually had no chances of passing the training given my limited web-related skills and expertise. I found the training too draining and lengthening my participation in the same is an agony like no other.

That same afternoon when I decided I had to leave, I submitted my resume in another BPO company, which I had passed by and ignored a couple of times while I was hunting and hurting and haunting.

August. Two weeks after submitting my resume, I was scheduled for the exam. Unlike the previous exams, I was optimistic. I was hopeful and it paid off. I passed.

I waited another two weeks.

Then came the interview, two separate sets of interviews that paid off in the end. I waited a month and training started.

August. The training took more than three weeks.

September.I inked that all-important contract.

The rest is history.

March. After six months, I am still here and I am happy.Image


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