can’t think of a title

I used to avoid the word challenge.

For a large part of my life, all I ever did was stay at the safe zone and watch other people push their limits. I have been afraid to face risks not because I had no confidence with what I am capable of but because I was afraid of rejection and failing in the end.

I know it does not sound original at all. And it irritates me that I am writing about it. Grr.

Nonetheless, I feel that it is true. I have turned my back on several opportunities that knocked on my doors. I wasted many chances which life gave me in the open. More than failing other people’s expectations, I failed myself because I didn’t have enough faith and trust. I cannot blame.

Crying over spilled milk can be an ugly, depressing thing and regrets only make things more painful.

But I learned that when you said No at the very beginning, you deprive yourself of the chances and therefore, you also waiver your rights to regret.

And the next best thing is moving forward – not to forget all that is over and done but to carry its lessons, if any, to the next pages where these may be applicable. Who knows?

Now why am I writing this post? I cannot pinpoint a particular answer. All I know is, well, it came out naturally. Truth it is, the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. (should I say the blog speaks).


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