My 21 Things

My 21 things

I would be 21 very, very soon. Although I am not excited about growing old, I look forward to a new chapter to unfold. It’s basically a new year. So, let the fireworks explode!

This year, since I have a blog where I can write possibly about anything, I will share things that I am fond of, those that I wish would have and those that mean to me, at this point in my life. J

Presenting… ehem… drumroll please… My 21 things 2012!

Haha,. I am excited so let us have the ball rowling..


1. The David Beckham haircut (No, I’m not a fan but I like how the hair looks on him.) I like the length (which is rather short) and the texture– a bit spiky but not too rough. Never mind the color; I’d like mine red like strawberries, or mahogany, or bright pink?


2. Shoes. Although I like all these pairs but I particularly pick the vintage-y footwear which is the ‘in’ thing for men today. It looks good on anything – matches formal, semi, or even casual everyday styles. The leather shoes are also astonishing, it’s neat, it shines and it’s waterproof? The moss green, orange are other nice picks.


3. The black long-sleeved polo. It is a must-have. If I would crave for clothing, this would definitely be that. You can look so sleek and clean wearing this, plus, it matches almost anything. I would love to go to work on this, but the fit would be a major issue.


4. Maybe it is time to get a watch. I would love to have a rubber bracelet for it, in neon (yellow, green, tango orange), on second thought, white would look gorgeous, right? It gotta be wide as well.


5. Men’s perfume. I just want the feel that I am wearing fragrance. It makes you more confident, I guess. It would smell a lot better than sweat.


6. Pizza. I lke mine oozing with all types of cheeses and toppings. I love bell peppers and pineapples, too. Not much tomatoes, though.

 Image7. I would also like to have an alarm clock, as I find it hard to wake myself from sleep. And I get late to work, many times. Perhaps an alarm clock could help.

 8. Coffee. I used to consume as much as three cups a day– that was when I had the luxury of time to enjoy. Now I only get one, which my mom prepares in the morning. Coffee is my ultimate comfort drink. And I like it black!



 9. A yellow cardigan! Yes! It gotta be yellow. But black can be nice too. 🙂


10. A pair of black slacks that fit well. I always find it difficult to find clothes that fit me well. Having my clothes repaired is extra cost, so I really have to choose them very vigilantly. J otherwise, i deprive myself of looking and feeling comfortable. Haha.

 11. A necktie (to match the long-sleeved polo shirt). Plus a guide on how to tie the tie!



12. A seashore sunset. I would love to go to the beach with some good company, sharing nice conversations while the tides strike the pebbled shores. It is poetry in flesh. But solitude would also be fun.







13. A compilation of my favorite songs! While I can’t count the songs that I like, I have a short list which includes… Anyways, I would appreciate anything that stabs deep. I am becoming a fan of Taylor Swift lately. I wonder why.







14. A kitten. Aren’t they so cute and adorable?



15. My friends’ company. We all have been busy as everybody is pursuing his/her own career. One day of fun and laughter would be great but an hour or two would mean so much already. Hope this happens!




16. I hope work turns out good and eventually better. Fingers-crossed. As long as I am happy with what I do, then there shouldn’t be anything that will make me quit. Hopefully…

17. A couple of pounds more! I wish for good health. I have been sickly these past few days. While I have been eating enough, my body just can’t take the toil of overtime work. Since work is a blessing, I can’t say no. plus I believe opportunities like this have expiration dates. So do I. I think I just have to compensate with vitamins, and good vibrations to drive stresses away!






18. Comments to this blog. Please? I hope I grow readers from two to twenty. That would feel rewarding. And comments are most welcome.


19. Eight hours of sleep (and more)!!!! Oh I can’t wait to have enough time to just lie in bed for as long as I can. While they say adults need at least six hours, let me have the pleasure of adding another two, I deserve it.







20. My family. Nothing material in this list can mean more than the people I have home. No matter what.

21. Lastly, I wish for a stronger heart to accept my weaknesses. A heart that will guide my decisions and help me stand harder against anything. And a heart that lives in great faith, not determined by the walls of any edifice but by the transcendence of the One who created me.


5 thoughts on “My 21 Things

  1. Aloha! This is a very nice blogsite. Saw its link from a friend’s post on Facebook. Wish granted for number 18. Keep up the zest… Have a great day, Ryan. God bless. 😉

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