of 21 things, so far i’ve got..

A couple of weeks ago, I posted My 21 things 2012! Now fast forward to a few days before I actually turn 21, let me check what I’ve got so far..

1. The David Beckham haircut. I did cut my hair and had a new color. Sadly, David’s is hard to achieve.

2. Shoes. I bought two pairs (yeah, it’s from the buy one, take one promo). I didn’t get exactly the same style that I wanted but I’ve got something close. I’m fine with it.

3. The black long-sleeved polo. NONE.

4. Maybe it is time to get a watch. Although I would love to have a rubber neon bracelet for it, I got a white one instead. But I’m beginning to like it better.

5. Men’s perfume. Done! I bought some cheap brand from the mall. Who cares?

6. Pizza. I bought it home. Just wanted to share!

7. I would also like to have an alarm clock, BUT none so far. 

8. Coffee. That’s why I go to the grocery

9. A yellow cardigan! ANYONE?

10. A pair of black slacks that fit well. ONE MISS!

11. A necktie (to match the long-sleeved polo shirt). WHAT FOR IS THE TIE WITHOUT THE SHIRT?

12. A seashore sunset. SADLY…

13. A compilation of my favorite songs! In my phone…

14. A kitten. NONE.

15. My friends’ company. CROSSING MY FINGERS.

16. I hope work turns out good and eventually better. In the long term, hoping…

17. A couple of pounds more! How I wish! But I’m taking vitamins, Hope that helps.

18. Comments to this blog. PLEASE!

19. Eight hours of sleep (and more)!!!! I DID NOT. It seemed too long, was used to just sleeping seven straight. Eight made me feel strained.

20. My family.

21. Lastly, I wish for a stronger heart to accept my weaknesses. In the process…

Roughly nine things granted out of 21. Not bad, but better can be best.


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