crossing bridges

Let’s cross the bridge when we get there. And, don’t burn the bridges.

I remember reading this somewhere and it initially seemed to me like a strange way to put two adages together. But on second thought, they individually make sense.


ANYWAYS, it’s my 7th month at work today! (Applause).Time flies. (Yes, I’ve said that for the nth time and I don’t mind having to repeat it over and over.) 

To celebrate this important milestone, let me share SEVEN reasons I LOVE MY JOB:

First, I do what I love. While I do not assume that I am (professionally) a writer, I know that by heart, I am. Fortunately, I found a work that allows me to write. While I do not get to write creatively (which I am fonder of), I still get to sharpen my pen. At least I am not wasting the fruits of taking English for four years.

Secondly, I earn while I learn, or vice versa. Either way, it boils down to the fact that this job helps me get hard-earned cash and hard-earned experience/knowledge to match. What can anyone ask for? Although I have graduated from a reputable school, I sure have all the heavens to learn. So far, the process has been tiring yet rewarding, stressful yet worth-damn-trying. After all, nobody has the monopoly of anything (any thing) and by that, I mean I must and should gather what every single day could add up to my banks.

 And I value good company (in other words: companionship). Work is not always about work. There’s time to play, and giggle, and laugh, and talk heartily. With good people around you, work can be light and somewhat much easier even when stresses (i.e, people) get in the way. Without having to name them, colleagues have made and continue to make things simpler. I owe a lot to people who helped me inch on inch. Indeed.

 Speaking of which, my job definitely teaches me to manage my temper. Even when I am about to erupt, I have to keep my cool because CCTVs (living and not) are all around. That means I have to (with all due calmness and composure) face the bugs that pester my existence, literally and otherwise.

 I used to stay away from challenge. That said, I have been a boring breathing baboon. But I am trying to unlearn that somehow. Slowly, I (try to) become more accommodating to new roles which I am tasked to fulfill. With impending and more challenging tasks at work, I hope to become someone more capable of taking bigger risks.

Plus I do not need to live away from my family. I am a sucker of a home buddy. I like my coffee made by mama. I can’t sleep, and p**p, and breath when I live away from home. And I want to see the growth of my younger siblings; I look forward to seeing them pass through the stages of life which I did pass through. Somehow, I could offer advice. Plus, I need pampering. I will always be a kid.

Lastly, I get to support my family (even on small dosages). Being somehow a breadwinner, I know I have to responsibly assume the role of being able to provide for them financially.

I may not earn millions. I may not be a manager. I may not be wearing a well pressed suit to work. But I am happy (although the adjective has a lot of varied definitions).

Should I stay a couple of years? Should I leave soon? Only Time can tell. But one thing is for sure, the first paragraph knows the answer so well.


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