happy new year!!

I promise to keep my cool today. That means, I will STAY AWAY from anything that could potentially spoil my fabricated good mood.

Because it’s my birthday! Nobody in his lifetime must be pestered during his birthday, not in any way.

And I got my reasons to be happy:

First, I got an alarm clock (one of my wishes) from Jane, my workmate. But she forgot the battery! Harhar. But that’s fine ‘cos cliché as it sounds, it’s the thought that counts!

And I got flooded with greetings (on FB and on my phone). At least they took the effort to type and post in my wall. That’s nice gesture enough.

And as you might notice, or not, I look tanned. Oh yes, we had a team building activity on Saturday. Simultaneously, it felt like my birthday party as well, so I really made sure that I’d get evidence. I opted to stay directly under the scorching heat and have my skin burnt to its content!


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