a break well deserved

I was off from work for two days, that is, we fortunately had a break on Sunday and I filed a leave on Monday. All is worth the hours because I had a lot of fun at the Children’s and Youth Summer Camp 2012 organized by Simon of Cyrene Children’s Rehabilitation and Development Foundation, Inc.

FYI, I have been a volunteer/ youth core leader at the NGO for nearly three years. Hence, I am indebted to them for the many things that I have learned and experienced, along with the rare chance of being able to empower Children with Disabilities in my very own simple ways.

The camp was what I needed for a number of reasons. First off, the venue —Viento de Mar Resort in Sogod, Bacacy, Albay— was highly conducive, safe and scenic for such an event. We stayed at warm, vintage-inspired cabanas that felt like our homes. Plus, the location itself is a wow— close to the sea, chirping birds, trees, a wide grassland, cattle roaming around, fresh air.

But more than anything, I was there to show my support to the kids whom I quite missed. They were the usual sweet kids I used to know, except for the fact that they grew a few inches taller. I was a witness to how they have become more confident thanks to the training that they are given— the same thing I had acquired in the past. The difference is, they are a lot better than what I used to be and they will reach bigger destinations—that I can proudly say.

Although I was not surprised that a lot of them were good performers (dancers, singers), I was amazed that they have honed their skills even more. That I owe to Simon of Cyrene for a number of programs that help enhance their potentials, such as Theatre Arts workshops. That is also the very reason why I encouraged my sister to join the organization, as a sort of my replacement and also to provide her a healthy training ground in preparation to whatever path she would like to take in the future.

On a more personal note, I was there to check on my best friend who now works as a Project Specialist. Being so, the event was her brain-fruit. Kudos to you Sarah for living on your passion!

Both of us were core leaders before and were equally given the chance to touch lives. I am glad that she can fulfill her part even further as she is now part of the NGO as an employee. On my part, I am there to give out my support all out!

As I watched the kids doing a lot of fun activities, I rekindled memories of the awkward teener I used to be — timid, quiet, aloof to the one person I am now. And I tell myself, what a change so far. But one thing remains, I am still a kid and will always be.


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