talking food

Some people are born to eat. Some people are born to eat anything. Some are born to eat anything edible. But some (counting me) are mood-eaters, that is, we eat whatever food it is that entices our appetite at the moment, for the moment, in the moment.


Check out this short list of food that makes me sane to date:

  1. Mami. They have this myth-like belief about pregnant women called PAGLILIHI. If such were true and I, granting for argument, were pregnant (haha), mami would best be the food that I would make lihi for.

I am a sucker for pansit (noodles in general). I am no Chinese, nor do I believe that it is symbolic of a long life but mami is a comfort food that sure makes me wanting more.

I like the fact that it has a number of components that blend to a blast. Garlic toasted to perfection , spring onions, thinly sliced carrots, siomai, boiled egg. And I am salivating now. Yikes!

The soup must be hot though, otherwise, the experience is a mess, really…and do not overcook the noodles.

Lomi is good as well, but leave that to the rainy days.



2. Kape. Speaking of rainy days, who wouldn’t want a cup of hot coffee in the morning?

To me, coffee is s staple food (or drink, whichever you find correct). I am not particular with the color, the number of teaspoons and all, but what should coffee be other than hot?

The most important thing though, is that my mama makes my coffee in the morning, and I have someone to enjoy a cup with. It spells all the difference.

(Trivia: My lola who died some time ago, used to pair her coffee in the morning with a stick of cigarette.)


3. Dinuguan. Pasintabi,but I am in love with dinuguan to the blood! I love the intestines! To make it perfect, add a lot of siling haba, calamansi and pair it with plain, hot rice. All you need are your hands and voila! Devour!


4. Adobong manok. There was a time when all we ever ate at home was chicken. And so, we have tried all sorts of chicken recipes. And adobong manok was a blockbuster.

My very own recipe, aside from the basics—soy sauce, vinegar— is made even tastier with a generous amount of ground black pepper, brown sugar to add thickness and sweet aroma and flavor, a lot of garlic and onion. Plus, I add chili for a unique kick!

I know every Filipino loves adobo. I do.


5. Skyflakes. The last on my list is no-filling, no-sawsawan SkyFlakes Crackers, which has been part and witness of many important parts in my life (and maybe yours too). I could recall that in taking my College Entrance Test, Finding a Job, SkyFlakes has been there and will continue to be. (Remember that TV ad when a young professional was handing his first salary to his mom?)


They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Now allow me, the easiest way to a man’s stomach is through his mouth.


And let me go back to my cooking! Chow!


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