embracing change


When I started this blog nearly a year ago, I opted for an eponymous title since I didn’t actually know what sort of things I would be writing about.

In fact, if you visit my archive, there are too few posts during the first few months of its existence. That is because of a few reasons: first, I was a newbie and I didn’t know too much. I’m still learning up to now. Second, I was hesitant to post since nobody is going to read anyway. I mean, who would know I am blogging. Third, I had no idea what to write about, as I was too preoccupied with a lot of things— the transitions from being student to being unemployed to eventually having the drive to get employed.

Cut the story short, this blog was a question first and foremost. I almost deleted the account, at one point. Good thing, I had second thoughts…

Until such time I was writing on a regular basis. I had the drive once more. I got myself a job and I get to post whenever I can. That’s extra great!

But I was writing almost anything. Hence, I called it STRAY THOUGHTS.

What surprised me though is the fact that a lot of blogs are of the same title. I am not being original and it is something I would not allow. (laughs)

So, once again, I am changing the title of this blog. (drumroll)

Sarong Aldao, Sarong Banggui — welcome to the new title of this blog.

The new title is in the dialect I spoke all my life. I wish to pay respect to the beginnings.

Incidentally, I am a native of the small town called Sto Domingo, the very home of Sarung Banggi/ Banggui. A bit of trivia, the folksong was written by Domingueño-born Potenciano Gregorio, or Lolo Poten for short. It was a popular folksong back in the olden days which has been known even across the international scene.

Rightfully, my town is celebrating two weeks of May in honor of our late artist. A few years back, the remains of Lolo Poten was brought to his native, where he can be visited by the new generation who might marvel at his life and his eternal song of love.

As I believe in opposites and contradictions, I opted to have a title that would be more encompassing. Hence, a night complements a day.


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