GaGa means the night

I was from OT work Friday last week and reached home by almost 12 MN. My brother went to wait for me at the stop. The night was silent, there were a few stars and the air was neither cold nor warm.

Long story short, I was home-bound and bed-excited after a week of straight hard work.

Was walking fast and sleepy until we noticed soft meows from presumably a very little kitten.

I told my brother to look for it and I was right, the kitten was tiny, thin and black as the night. I told my brother to catch it so we could bring it home as a new pet. It came with us like all it ever wanted was for someone to carry it home.

looks close to my new pet


It slept close at my side. I felt that the miming needed refuge. Where could its mother be? How could she leave the poor little child at the side of the dark, dangerous street at that time of night?

Of course, I was exaggerating.

Maybe she (the kitten is a girl) is really meant to be my pet. After all, I am fond of cats and have been wanting to have a new pet. In fact, I asked for one in my birthday wish list. And I was sent one.

I will call her GaGa (Gabing Gabi), reminiscent of the night when she cried to call on me, her guardian.


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