HALFppy but disUPpointed

If all that I planned have been fulfilled, then this post could have been filled with colour and I must have been happier.

Unfortunately, things almost always do not happen as planned.

In my previous post, I said I was uber-excited as I would finally spend a weekend-vacation to my lola’s home after a long time. I’d see my lola whom I truly miss and, I would bring my friends along so they can see why I enjoy my lola’s laid back, coastal paradise. Plus, that would give us a chance to relax and of course, rekindle our bond.

But in an unfortunate turn of events, only half of that happened. When Saturday came and I got my bag packed, I received a text message I never would have wanted to receive.

After all the negotiations, scheduling, planning, postponement, adjustment of time, they couldn’t make it after all. Wow.

I was angry. I was disappointed. But it was not towards them, it was the fact that I have long wanted for the trip to happen, eagerly prepared and waited- but all comes down to disaster.

I managed to tell them honestly how disappointed and unhappy I was, through a text message I typed without even thinking about the repercussions.

I could have rescheduled to another day, but that wouldn’t make any sense. Waiting for another month is hideous. Plus, I did not want to disappoint myself any further.

In short, the trip went on with me and my two siblings instead, although half of me just wanted to stay home and decay.

Good thing, my sister decided to come, although she supposedly had to attend class on Sunday- a genuinely kind gesture and sacrifice from hers.

Throughout my stay in my lola’s, I would often imagine how it would have been fun if my expected guests were around, but I would always immediately shun the idea to avoid killing the moment.

I am not sure when I could pay a visit to my lola again- or who I would invite along, might as well go alone.


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