Ana, Doddie, GaGa and Mr4kilo

Whenever I’m home, aside from eat, talk, sleep, wake up, I also find time to check on my pets. As you know, I have been fond of cats and dogs. Well, everyone in the family is.

In fact, I have posted here how I adopted my new pet cat, GaGa. Oh, by the way, my very camera-friendly feline friend had a mini photo shoot and here is one of her photos:

A few weeks past, Papa brought home a new puppy, with brown hair and black eyes. Doddie, as we call her, is kind of petite and I don’t think she’ll ever grow. She was still being breastfed by her mother when we got him, so we had to feed her with powdered milk first.

What amused us— she thought our old dog, Ana, was her mother. So, she’d go to her and try to feed on her breasts. To a point, Ana thought Doddie was her very own puppy too (maybe because she longed for her puppies that died due to miscarriage). But later on, Ana felt uncomfortable and would drive Doddie away by barking loud at the poor puppy.

Good thing Doddie learned to feed on hard food and started to become more active, in fact, very rowdy. She likes to kid around with GaGa, and they would often scratch each other like siblings. Ana, in his chains, would also join them playing. How cute. GaGa and Doddie also share when they eat.

My other cat, who has no name other than Miming, is the nomadic one and the only boy among my pets. He is generally silent, sluggish and out of the house. When he was little, he would stay at the house and sleep all day, sometimes, even at my side at night. But as he grew and had girlfriends, he started being a navigator to nowhere-I-know.

Last weekend, I was quite amused to see him go home after a week or so. He went straight to the kitchen and asked for food. She meow-ed a couple of times and upon the lack of attention started walking lazily out.

But I managed to grab him. He was heavy! I weighed him on the scale and she was almost four kilos – hungry, at that!

I brought him back to the kitchen and gave him food. I also made sure Doddie and GaGa would not try to share with him eating. In that case, Miming would leave nonchalantly, I swear.




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