good things happen to good people

I should be very happy by now. My high school best friend just topped the board exam for electrical engineers! After I heard the news, I have to admit that I was like ‘Really? Seryso?’ But I realised, I need not get surprised, after all he was destined for greatness!

I owe a lot to my good fella: if not for him, I should have failed my Math from 2nd year onwards. Haha, you see, I actually became dependent on him on homework and exams (actually a big part of the class was). I didn’t know if it was okay for him, or he was just being tolerant on me, us.

I remember a time when everyone in the class almost got perfect scores in a periodic exam — he was the source and we were like piglets just waiting to be fed. Good thing our teacher didn’t demand a retake or anything, otherwise, we’re done.

Good things happen to good people.

He was not the type who feels or appears proud for anything he has achieved. He was unassuming, low-profile and shy most of the times, which is more of strength in him more than a weakness.

On top of it all, he is a good friend and I will be grateful that he is.



My son, Yuri will be turning 4 on saturday and we are excited to celebrate it at my lola’s.

Also, my ate at the office has taken her maternity leave. Baby Elijah will be born to the world. BTW, we threw a simple baby bash for her on Saturday, she was surprised she almost cried.

Someone hasn’t showed up in weeks, or got in touch at the least. i don’t know what happens. Someone showed up bu silly me, I pushed her off the wall. Now, I don’t know..

Ending on positive note, I’m working OT again, I need it now. CIA!


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