It’s 67 days before Christmas and here is my Christmas wish list:

1. A new phone or a digicam. My out-of-trend-for-eras/imitation phone is badly busted. I think a high-res camera phone would be something I could reward myself with this year. Yes, this year has been challenging. The digicam could be another choice. Already, I’m excited for the photo moments. But I still hope my budget would suffice. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait three more decades to save enough. 🙂


2. A vacation longer than two days! I would love to stay at my Lola’s home again and just rest for days and forget about work… I hope to finally reach the famed Pinamuntungan Island, which I have been hearing about for long. They say it’s an amazing island getaway but still very private — dreaming of the white sands.

3.  Lastly, a simple Noche Buena at home, just with the family. Christmas is complete just with this.

I’ll have three wishes for now, will be coming up with a longer list soon. J Merry Christmas!



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