What if I had a Time Machine?

If I had a super cool and functional time machine, I’d go and see myself five years from now so I could have an inkling of what to expect. You see, I hate surprises because they shock me (of course!).

Aside from that, I want to be able to answer that perennial question during job interviews. They sweat me out every time. Like, how am I supposed to know? As if I can plan and say things for sure! Besides, I am not the kind who plans things; I just go with the flow.

But having a time machine would help me figure out the answers to many what if’s. What if I resign from work? What if I get a loan? What if I buy a house? What if I join the lottery?

With just a push in a button, I could time-travel to where I want to be. And know whether that decisions I will make or have made were right, or whether I should shun them altogether because they will ruin the future.

Simply put, what if a throw a party on December 12, will they come and will it rain? Things like that. At least we spare ourselves of useless frustrations and unnecessary hurt.

Then, I’ll know the secrets to finding happiness. There in the future will be answers to questions I have now and can only guess about.

But I have no such machine. All I have is an instinct.

Other than that, I’m bound to make risks and try to balance what could be right or wrong. But then, is there really a right decision? Or are we just making them all up so we could arrive to what we believe are ideal?

Maybe we are born and made not to know what lies beyond today, so we would enjoy what we have now— the company we have been provided with and have not chosen beforehand. Guess life runs that way. You have choices and you pick one. Then you see what happens until you get to choose again.

It’s like a spelling bee: you join because you want to win. But then you can never be sure you will. Even if you do, you still won’t be a winner as nobody would come to play against you (perhaps they would have future-telling powers too).

At the end of it all, it would be the choices you make that determine your fate. People can say you made the wrong decision— for them. But it’s your game, you do what’s best and you will end up winning, no matter what.

But a time machine is still cool: that’s if there is a way back.


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