Officially, it’s the month of December- and I can’t help but get really excited to celebrate, after all there are a lot of reasons to do so. First off, 2012 has been a productive year for me, being busy and focused for work and of course, have built nice friendships with my team mates.

Also, we were able to open up a very small sari-sari store out of the  little amount we have saved. Now, we are having a great time trying to make our little business grow.

As far as my health is concerned, I’m actually doing a lot better now. My being sickly over the last few months has eased down and I feel much better- although I have a lot of weight to gain back. I should be eating much now.

My friends are all doing fine as far as I know- in fact, someone got married and had a child this year while my other friends are all-eyes on their careers.

Fianlly, I have a healthy and happy family. Kuya is trying to find a job in Manila and I just hope he stays safe always- I don’t thik he can make it to our NocheBuena but it’s okay, so long as he stays safe where ever he is. And as long as Mama and Papa, as well as Lola, are doing fine and healthy, I have no worries.

With these, I hope to be a really happy CandyCane this Christmas. After all, the best gift I can have for myself will always be that the people I love are in the pink of everything.




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