after a storm

i posted this first at disastories and i thought it would be worthy to post it here also – while this incident has not affected me and my family directly, it sure left wounds in many people’s lives and as a Filipino, all I can do is show sympathy.   

 Huwebes, Disyembre 06 2012Of loss and living again: The Aftermath

Not feeling so well yesterday as I have a bad cold, which could have been due to the ever-changing weather- it rains hard and its hot like Summer. End-year used to be all-rain and cold but things have changed now.

But at least all I have to worry is a cold that can be eased with Neozep and water or bed rest. This is miniscule compared to what thousands of families in Mindanao and the Visayas had to endure – a very untimely deluge named Pablo, barely days before Christmas. As of this writing, at least 214 people have been reported dead while hundreds are left missing, and perhaps could no longer be rescued alive. Never mind the properties ruined, they can be rebuilt. But lost lives can never be recovered.

While I was watching the news last night, the report had me gushing and sighing a couple of times. What strikes me most are the broken dreams of families that will not face tomorrow ever the same again.

A 14-year old boy was being carried by his cousin to the hospital for medical help. His family memmbers were nowhere to be found. What he could only recall is his mother saying, I love You, right before the stage to where they ran for refuge collapsed in the midst of the supertyphoon.

More of such stories will come about, reported and get sympathy from us, and soon forgotten like in the past. But the victims won’t forget too easy…

While much of the reports showed despair and loss, there were nevertheless a few stories of survival. A three-year old child was rescued alive and had been resuscitated after two daysof being submerged in cold water and mud. There can be hope even in disaster. Sometimes when we think life ends, there life begins anew.

The families are now in their temporary relocation sites, recalling the events vividly while having a blurry vision of the future. Some of them have to live alone from now on, but they are not really alone – there are people who offer help unconditionally and without-hidden-agenda. Some of the victims will have to start from scratch, building new homes with strong foundations – the lessons they have learned.

While it’s not easy to convince anyone that life goes on, it does, it will…


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