Decking the halls

It’s barely seven days before Christmas and while I don’t have gifts to unwrap, I’m happy that this year has been full of blessings for me and my family— that is more than enough to actually be thankful and to celebrate.


Speaking of which, I am excited to prepare for the Noche Buena— yeah right, cooking is my passion. 🙂 Of course, there will be same old spaghetti but since Mama is not a fan, we’ll have to prepare the very Pinoy pansit. Last Christmas, I’ve prepared ref cake also and buko-pandan salad, but I don’t think I have time for that now since we’ll have to report for work up to 3pm of the 24th. ASARRR! Anyways, I can have my sisters help me naman, so we’ll see. And, my brother who is so kuripot, promised to buy ice cream. I hope he really does.

What I am really trying to say is that this Christmas will be special. Back then, we didn’t really pay too much effort to celebrate. We barely have decoration and we don’t spend much on food, practically because we didn’t have enough. Now, the difference is that we are trying to enjoy the things we haven’t experienced as kids, now that kahit papano, we have been blessed with more.

Yes, that’s really a reason to be happy 🙂 afterll all, I’d go for what makes my family happy because I love them- that’s what Christmas means to me— and it does not necessarily have to be 25th of December. 


On another note, I really regret that i wasn’t able to attend the LE GRAN TEATRO presentation by the Kids of Simon. I was really not feeling okay that time- feeling nauseous and actually was vomitting, in fact, I had to work undertime. But I guess there was reason behind it, and there would probably be another chance that I could catch their next show. I just know they did great. 🙂


Oh, It’s Simbang gabi season again and I haven’t actually attended once this year yet. Perhaps I’d be able to catch it on the 24th. Also, I hope I could finally see and taste a puto bumbong for the first time. It actually makes me feel less of a Filipino…



Finally, there will be a KPOP Xmas Party at the company. I’m excited and anxious at the same time because I’m having a hard time with my costume. Hope I get one so soon- it’s what, 2 days?

Also, the team will have an overnight swimming party on Saturday. Hope to have lotsafun!! 🙂 Hope I could post pics from these events soon.


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