Hallyu-cination: The KPOP Party Photos

framedChristmas has been a smash at work, with a very fun KPop-themed Christmas party last Friday, 21st of December (or Doomsday!) And the world didn’t end, to some’s surprise and to others’ disappointment. (Superlaugh..)

By the way, I’m posting some memorable shots from the party… Here they go.. ūüôā


Here’s the bunch: (standing) Zizan and Ivy; (Seated) Kirt, myself, Kaye, Ate Mia, Jane,m Mommybei and Doodie ūüôā


And the guys: Doodie (Ruben), Kirt, Zizan, Kuya Mike, Kuya Peter and myself ¬†(again)… haha¬†
happy pips

Girls Generation and ¬†myself: Mae, Kaye, Ivy, Jane and Bei.. What’s with the smoky eyes?

Yeah, it’s me.. obviously…¬†¬†
me and kaye pop

And with Kaye, who was actually freezing at the point but would smile at the camera come what may…


Just when you thought the fun ends in there, you’re so mistaken. These night-creatures have ¬†brought the fun to El ¬†Carlos Resort for an overnight party the night after (Saturday)! whoah! AND, ¬†we thought it would spoil the moment ¬†if we sleep! Cheers to the #wideawake…

tubigouting meandkaye

I’M RED: you oughtta know what that means… Alcohol

outing 3

Nobody will be left out when it’s food we’re talking about, right?

outing 2outing

Here’s a pic with Ate Norie (far back in violet) and our young Manager, Sir Jeff in a jacket… Malamig?

They say a picture paints a thousand words…and the true beauty o f a picture is that it ¬†immortalizes memories we spend with people….


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