Let the Fireworks burn!

 Whoever said 13 is an unlucky number… Well, I see nothing wrong with the ‘luck’ thing but hey, whether a year will be sweet or sour solely depends on our perspective. And I suggest we go this way- the happy way!

So before 2013 even starts, I will already set the mood— looking forward to the year of the Water Snake. I’ll claim it, 2013 will be great!


 I want to go island-hopping! Nothing feels better than being in the company of nature. So, next year, I want to push through with a long-prolonged dream to go spend a few days and just relax and wait as time consumes itself.

It doesn’t really have to be an expensive trip. There are in fact, a lot of beautiful places to visit even on a short budget. For one, the islands of Bacacay are mainly undiscovered and non-commercialised. Aside from the fact that you can enjoy the exclusivity of the place, you don’t have to spend too much— so long as you have good company to spend time with and share the costs, of course! 🙂

 bacacay island

The May Elections! Why not? It will be my third time to participate in the elections in May. First was when I voted for the SK Elections and then the next one was in 2010 when I was a registered voter for the first time.

I remember making kulimbat a few hundred that time — they give you these white envelopes with your name on it and a name of another person who is obviously a candidate. In other words, they’re trying to buy your vote. I didn’t sell mine— why will I?

The upcoming elections will be another chance to make a vote, a voice be heard. And that can make a change, be it small or big.

halalan 2013

 May 2013 also bring in good health (and I actually need to gain more weight). I also look forward to a steady work life, with my fun, fun teammates. And of course, a happy family- pets included.


And, it will be my 22nd birthday! I have no expectations but I hope to get (pleasantly) surprised! 🙂

Now, let’s make the Fireworks burn!

Quote me: “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare


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