Rediscovering A Second Home (PART 1)

Part of my my wish-list for this year is the chance to travel. I know it’s quite ambitious as I really don’t have all the time in the world or even the means to do so, but nothing should stop me.


Last weekend, I had the urge that I have to leave home and go someplace. And the first thing that comes to mind is my lola’s house. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like an exhilarating ‘destination’ at all… it’s like my second home. But I really miss the place so I went on.

Good thing the sky was clear on Saturday, even when it was raining mad cats and dogs almost all of the week. We — I was with my brother and uncles— boarded a trike that doesn’t have a roof so the trip/sight-seeing was awesome.


  The zigzag roads do not disappoint to be as thrilling as always. I’ve been there several times but it’s a different feeling every time. In fact, we used to go just by feet, which is more exciting as we can actually stop and ‘smell the flowers’ or take a pic. I knew its quite kid-like but mountains, tress, anything green…


Hey this was quite a warm ‘Welcome,’ literally.


That’s my lola’s house… It’s a little far from the road. It’s ‘nestled’ between the mountains and the green ricefields. And, neighbours are far away, like 100 metres? You also need to walk the fileds going there.


 No not-dirty allowed.  Had to remove my slippers since it has been raining the whole week, but mud is therapeutic right?


And this is how the house looks like closer-simple and home-y. Plus, my lola’s there. She was asleep when we arrived so she did not actually know we were around until my cousing woke her up. And she was sooo happy. 🙂


I’m not a fan of camote but I’ve had a few of them. Must have been hungry and anxious I didn’t realise it was not the best food in the world for me.. haha. Oh by the way, there used to be lots of crops like camote when Lola was still younger; has a green thumb. She  used to grow pineapples, cassava…long list.


Another thing.. When you visit the place, you’d feel a little disconnected as there’s poor signal (or none).. but that’s more of a plus as you can go soul-searching, or sleep, relax.. forget about the cellular phone.

Then I had a little chitchat with Lola… before we decided to go to the seaside area of the ‘island’… That and more soon.. 



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