Rediscovering A Second Home (PART 2)

As promised, I’m posting part 2 of my trip to Lola’s over the weekend. For the first part, please go here.


So, we went to see my uncles and aunts who live by the seaside on Saturday afternoon. But since the weather turned a bit gloomy and it started to drizzle, we decided to just come back early Sunday to take a dip into the calm sea.  

Sunday. We woke up early and at 6:30, we were already starting to walk to the seaside. Going there, you have to pass by a ‘forest-like and hilly’ trail- it felt like mountaineering of some sort, or was it just me? Whatever.. 

tukad forest

Trees are the most beautiful part of the world- bamboos, big trunks, greens… and it’s so cold.

pababa, pataas stone steps

clear water sa ilog

By the way, the water by the stream is so clear- yeah, it’s almost like a mirror… We were lucky the weather seemed to be on our side. It was so ideal for a Sunday.  

clear water


Here we go. before we actually plunge into the water, we went boating first to see which spot best to stay and dip. The small boat is my Tito’s. I don’t know paddling, so it’s my brother’s responsibility. And me? I’m going to enjoy- just that. haha   

If this will wake you up every morning, then every day will be bright. right? The sun was beaming- I thought it was saying “it’s been a long time, buddy.”

 violet seawater

Some shots from the seaside while we were boating. By the way, there were lots and lots of mangroves and aquatic trees- which is why the bay is mostly muddy than sand.

78 9

That’s the beautiful sea! Although I’m no swimmer, I absolutely love the sea for its great wonders. Btw, that colorful boat is actually a for-rent boat which tourists can use when they want to go island-hopping around Bacacay. They say it’s good for 5k a day! Not bad.  



And our chosen spot: This used to be a daungan of the motor bangka that board passengers before. But since traveling by sea has become less frequent (there is now an efficient road access), the spot was a bit forgotten. But it’s a pretty spot, really.    

11 12 13

Above: A shot from above the stairs; The old and mysterious waiting shed; My brother is tying the bangka so we can start swimming already. Yeeha.  

reflect mak

This was my favourite picture from the trip. See the clear image in the equally gorgeous seawater? Awe-mazing..


After a hard and happy day, nothing feels more relaxing than a sound sleep, with a cuddly cat beside you.  🙂

Two days was short to really explore Lola’s humble barangay, but it’s better that way. At least, I’ll have more to see when I come back again. Besides, Lola’s home will always be my warmest escape.


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