Nicolas Copernicus turns 540 today, Happy Birthday Stef


Ours is not a perfect friendship as we are flawed people. We don’t live perfect lives either. But even if all things are imperfect, I can still be so much grateful knowing that I have been blessed with someone who does not judge but listens; who tells the truth. It takes much to understand and live with my convulsions and the puzzles I often rap about, but thanks for the patience and tolerance. I appreciate that you let me sort out my weaves on my own and let me see the light. You don’t lead me, but you always remind me there is a way. I know we don’t talk as much now, but every chance is  worth it. Yes, you can sometimes be brat-ty but that’s exactly why you mean so much to me, because that’s who you are. That’s who we are. I can go on and on to tell you how I appreciate having you as a friend, but let me just say it quick and simple: Someone sent you…


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