Menudo: Alter-Ego

I have a few plans for the distant future, but if all else fails, I plan to just set up a small carienderia somewhere and cook. My fervour for cooking is in fact, because of being the second eldest child in the family; my Kuya being the typical pasaway anak who would just go home to eat or sleep, among other things. In short, many chores I had to do myself, like cleaning the house and cooking, which I enjoy the most.
I experimented and learned many things. I would cook during fiesta, which is big deal since cooking large portions of ingredients is rather risky. There were, inevitably, epic fails.

Food is the ultimate stress buster; so whenever I don’t feel okay, I just rush to the kitchen and open the fridge; find whatever there may be and cook. Most of the times, I try to make my own renditions of typical recipes.

So let me share one original dish I have experimented with a few weeks ago : I call it Menudo Alter-Ego. The name? Well, compared to the typical saucy and greasy and red menudo, mine is healthy and white.

Without any further ado, here is my Recipe:


What I need: Carrots and potatoes in similar cubes; a few slices of pork; Tofu (to extend and for eating healthy); onion and garlic; raisins; all pupose-cream (why it’s white)


So simple: (1) Start with frying the tofu in a pan. Tofu is a bit delicate so keep heat low. (2) Saute onion, garlic in the same pan but remove some of the oil. (3) Add meat, then carrots and potatoes. (4) Simmer for a while before tossing the fried tofu cubes and raisins. (5) Lastly, pour the cream and let all flavours blend. Voila!


Tadan, my Menudo Alter-Ego! Devour!


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