All is well, April

It’s April—my most favourite month of the year for obvious reasons. First, it’s officially start of [summer] dry season in the Philippines. Another thing, it’s my birthday month and yes, I’m getting another year older, and hopefully wiser and braver.

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I graduated. Parang kalian lang. And yet Timog Dagat is correct. Madami na din talagang nagbago. But all changes were for good. Some things you need to forget; some things to remember; some things to bring along.

Speaking of which, I had a chance to bond with friends last Thursday and we were chatting about recent changes in our lives as we waited for ice to melt on our halo-halo. It helps so much that you can keep up with friends every time so you can also self-evaluate. Career-wise, I should give my hats off to somebody else because I’m not exactly in the best place.

Ganun pa rin- naghihintay, nababagot.Pero ayos lang naman ako. Wala naman akong hinihingi. Wala nga ba?Darating din yun sa tamang panahon- kung anuman yun e di ko din alam. Kung may dumating mas mabuti kesa wala. Kung wala, mabuti na din.

All is well, sabi nga sa 3 Idiots. Although may kulang pa din, sapat naman na yung meron.


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