Not all that glitters is gold: The Omagob Adventure

front cover

Not all that glitters is gold. Minsan sunburn sa noo, sa ilong, sa batok.

If I were to get trapped in an island (pretending that I have a choice), I would bring along the best of friends I can pick up to keep me company (and sane while I get myself believing I’m safe). I know the story would not be the typical survivor-slash-Castaway we always get to watch, but doesn’t that sound exhilarating — being away with friends with barely any food or clothes or Signal in an insanely remote island? Provided the island doesn’t have predators or carnivorous plants, and there’s enough potable water and fruit-bearing trees and some cooking oil, cold Coke, hotdogs, Piattos and a TV set with Cable connection!

What??? Oh forget it. We’ll just call the boatman to fetch us up. The End.

final pic

Rewind to Saturday: Bags packed! We’re going to the island. Yep, you heard right. Me and four friends (Mae, Kaye, Momybei and Ivy) went to a private island in Bacacay called Omagob (etymology unknown) and had loads of summer fun for our lives.

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Plus, I also brought along my sister as a chaperone and my newest pet, Kloe. I assume she (Kloe) had as much fun as we did, although she got nauseous (perhaps) while we were riding the motor boat, and had to v*mitt right out. But she got fine soon. But who wouldn’t get fine seeing the sparkling beach and the cool, crisp, blue water?

All right, that was a bit too much of a description. Actually, the private island is not the white sand beach you were imagining. The shore has light brown and very tiny pebbles rather than find sand— which I love because you can actually feel them under your feet. The water is blue and green due to coral reefs thriving healthily under the deep part of the seas. It was a sight to behold on broad daylight— almost a dream set against the once-covered, once-naked Mayon Volcano background. Pictures!!!

7 5 6 4 3 2 1

And the best part? It’s free! Yep, the island is a private property and is not developed. A caretaker, who happens to be Mae’s Tito, stays to maintain and clean the island. There are no amenities, so you don’t get any distractions and just get memorised by the sight while you talk silently with yourself. (drama?)

Anyways, you can actually walk around the island in a few minutes as it is relatively small. We actually did twice. Going around, you’ll see that the other side facing the gulf is where the waves break— reason there are beautiful rock formations here and there rather than the sandy shore. Also, we saw sea urchins, a lot of them!

Omagob is just one of the numerous exotic islands of Bacacay. Looking from where I stood, I can only imagine what lies ashore and beyond in the nearby and far-flung islands that wait to be seen. Those I shall see some other time— maybe when my sunburnt skin doesn’t feel sore anymore. Ciao!


p.s. thanks mae for the photos!


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