Who’s older now?

Birthdays are always bittersweet — that is, celebrating the past year of your (supposedly meaningful) existence and harbouring anxiety and/or fear over what lies ahead. Add to that, the perks and pains of growing older.

But birthdays are fun. I remember listing 21 things that I wanted to achieve during my birthday last year. At first, it felt exciting to count… I’ve got an alarm clock which I already destroyed; new stuff I bought myself, so on. But wanting and waiting got me tired and soon I convinced myself that it didn’t matter if I got them all or not. Que sera sera.

This year was different. I did not feel excited to grow a year older. I felt it was hard to bid my 21-year old self goodbye-that drama? Maybe it’s the feeling that after a day, I will have to carry a heavier bag or something. Nonetheless, let me give a shout-out to those that greeted me personally, through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and SMS. I appreciate the effort and the fact that you did remember. Maybe I did something that remarkable to have people remembering. From the heart, Gracias!


gawa ng kapatid ko- manila paper lang, coloured pens: enough to make you smile, right?


workmates posted on my Google+


HBD shout-outs at Facebook

But back at yesterday, instead of meeting up friends for a pizza or reading Facebook greetings, I headed straight home after work, slept and woke up for dinner. When I woke up this morning, it’s not my birthday anymore and it’s a new day, an ordinary day. The next 364 days will be. 🙂


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