Democracy is a purple-colored word

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Once in every few years, democracy means a purple manicure.

 indelible ink

Suffrage is both a right and a privilege. It is a right because as Filipinos, we are entitled to choose leaders that we think would best lead the country to progress. On the other hand, not every Filipino is given the privilege to vote, say the children who will actually soon become either beneficiaries of refugees of our choices. Hence, the voting population must, cliché as it may sound, vote wisely. After all, we are registered because of the assumption that we are capable of discerning and making good choices.
The 2013 Midterm Elections is over. The die is cast. The political cockfights and mud-slinging should also be buried to peace. The people have given its mandate to the winners. The losers should concede.
 A few notes.
*The PNP has called the Elections “generally peaceful” with very few and minor incidents reported.
*Voting turn-out for the OAV (Overseas Absentee Voting) was low at around 20% in some areas. It is sad that, the OFWs who support our economy cannot exercise their rights, not because they are deprived but because it is materially difficult to travel miles to the embassies and cast. It could be time to harness technology, experts say.
grace poe 
*By a major surprise, FPJ’s Daughter Grace Poe emerged as Senatorial topnotcher in the still ongoing canvassing — topping out survey leader Legarda. Interviewed by media, Poe attributed about 80 to 90% of her victory to her late father. Aptly, her run and win was an attempt to vindicate FPJ’s loss in 2004. Credit is given to where it is due.
*At least 9 of the Magic 12 Senators are from Team PNoy, with Nancy Binay settling for a sure spot and her stable-mates battling for seats 10 to 12.
*Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao, Aga Muhlach, Vilma Santos, other celebrities won in their respective positions. But Anabelle Rama didn’t make it.
*Former President Erap is the new Mayor of Manila, replacing friend-turned-foe Fred Lim.

*Meanwhile, let us enjoy memes that circulated on social media. Just for the laughs. The #IpasoksiDick hashtag trended on Twitter, followed by several double-meaning twits about the Senatorial aspirant who was at an awful 13th position based on partial results.
 to nancy
*Another meme showing Sen. Santiago supposedly getting a headache over the triumph of soon-to-be senator Nancy Binay. Netizens are definitely not a fan of Binay’s color.
By now, the dust of the political boxing is starting to clear out. Rubbish is everywhere. The candidates, winners or otherwise, should prove their good promises and start by cleaning our streets. That should be a good start. Otherwise, what will the next three years be?

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