Tagasain Barangay ka?

The name of this blog pays homage to the town where I am from. So it is fitting that once in a while, I brag about my own place, right? Well, last year, I shared my experience watching the annual Sarung Banggi Festival, which I enjoyed immensely.

I hoped I would do the same this year, but failed to. Anyway, the street dance presentation was held on Saturday. While I could have been watching the festival of lights and music, I chose to watch the full moon in BU (which I missed so much) with friends- that I share in another post.

Fortunately, I found a Youtube clip (Credits to user who posted it) of my ehem.. barangay that won the Major Prize! Clap Clap. Could have been there clapping but maybe I would be the jinx, so better not. haha..

Anyway, enjoy the clip below, and Mabuhay and Sarung Banggi 🙂


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