Life is a Beach: Random Kwento

It’s been a month since I last posted anything and it feels way-up-there to actually ‘say something’ again.

‘Say something’ is almost as vague and tricky as ‘What’s in your Mind?’ which Facebook asks every time. So, what’s in my mind really? A lot. Too much that it’s already bordering incomprehensibility. Sigh. This post could have been light and nothing sober but I can’t help it. It’s just me, I love introspection. Here’s the randomness again.

Change topic to something light. Okay, so just recently I ‘arranged’ an overnight beach-side ‘retreat’ with a few friends at a local beach in my home-town Sto. Domingo.  There were only four of us as everybody seemed busy.

But it was utterly fun to actually bond a little longer with good old friends again, reconnect and reminisce. As usual, we laughed hard and turned silly or sober in a way. After all, the resort was ours for the night. (that is, no other zombies wanted to go to the beach on a Friday night. haha)   


It was so roughly-planned that we had to be rejected by two resorts before we can settle. Yeah, the scouting of a place was tiring but trials spice up life, di ba? In the end, we reached Manhattan Resort. We got a cottage by the beach and started the long hours of talking…. like the sea, we were talking loud and exchanging waves of ideas just like we did then. We recollected.

manhattan1Life is a beach. The waves are emotions, you can fight them and get splashed but can you can also just ride them… Midnight was a silent listener to our kwentos. There was actually bad weather; it was so cold in the early morning. The sun also wanted to cover up so the silver skies greeted our morning.   


Life is a beach. Carry on, sail and be where the tides take you. hold on to your boat, paddle, swim if you can, float if you don’t… ’til then!


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