(For some reason, this got stuck in my drafts for the last month. but Im posting it anyway..)  Emba_TheFrapDay

Once in a while, you have to take a break, take a deep breath. Just stare at the things happening around you. Stare at the sky, the sea. Take the third person point of view- watch life as it happens from the outside. Keep those worries in the bag for now. Leave all behind. It’s just you and the happiness you feel while taking a breather away from the routines, the repetitions.


Enjoy every sip of a cup of coffee or a cold drink, savour how different flavours meet at a rendevouz, and feel every fine bit of sugar that tickles your tongue. You need not worry or take a haste, it’s only you and that which fills your stomach and feeds your heart.  


At the end of this beautiful day, stare at the sea and look how the sun sparkles like gold in blue waters.  You too shall be a sun, learning when to sleep and call it a day because tomorrow life goes on again and again and again. Tomorow you will be better, happier.


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