Some Soup for a rainy day

More than filling the stomach, Food is what most of us turn to on rainy days, literal or otherwise. And what food better eases and enlivens a laggard rainy day than some hot soup. You guessed it. I’m sharing my version of a classic comfort food – Tinola.


what we need. garlic, onion, ginger, tomatoes, sayote, chicken, dahon ng sili, siling haba..2for the twist. i used some leaves locally known as ‘lubas’ and is used to give food some sour kick. there’s also calamansi for the tangy after-taste
3before cooking, i have pre-marinated the chicken meat with some salt, pepper and vinegar. as you would notice, i’m all for the sour flavor..

cooking is super easy.. the same sauteing needed for any other dish. start with the garlic, onion, ginger, tomatoes first. gradually toss in the meat when the spices are starting to juice out. 5

toss in the siling haba, sayote, and add some cups of water, add the dahon ng sili and lubas and let everything simmer with perfect heat. 6when it starts to boil, season when needed. serve but before that, add calamansi juice. voila! Enjoy your Tinola!


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