When you stop and smell the flowers


When you stop and smell the flowers,

Universe is a palette with all the colours you can name

How blue blends with golden sunshine.

How crystal ice on that cup melts beneath the rainbow of violet, yellow, red and green

And cheese, a little milk your childhood knew about.

Your little puppy’s wagging tail.

Some rainy days that turn life to grey-

Grey is a colour too, and we celebrate like a Mardi Gras

Colours of your favourite shirts

– happy, naughty, silly and dull.

Those slippers, where could the other be when you’re about to go?

So similar but so different like left and right;

Nobody’s right anyway.

And pastels on a sunny day.

Boiling noodle soup when it rains, or shines.

Or coffee brown as skin.

See little roses and butterflies

Let them be when you dream.


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