Post 100: To a Best Friend

This is my 100th post and I thought I needed to make it special – a celebration.  Incidentally,I have recently ‘reconciled’ with my very best friend. So I might as well dedicate this post to Sarah.


It was in November when we last saw each other and it was very quick. I only passed by your  work (remember?) and we  did not really get the chance to catch up. After that, we both became too busy and pre-occupied and I must say, got cold. Guilty  here. Never did we get any chance encounters, although ‘hey the world is so small’. I just thought to myself that maybe,I needed the time to grow without someone to always talk to.  I hope I did. I thought you too had some growing up to do. Until slowly,we got in touch again ,online and a little more open.

Alas!  When we finally met up I wish I could stop the time, but I can’t because I’m too human to do that. But within those three hours that we have been together again,catching up, I felt that we never changed. You were late, as usual. haha. Kidding aside, I missed you. I missed how you cared and how you told me I deserve better, that I have good things to look forward to. We are still the same. I wake you up to harsh realities of life and you let me realize life is not all grim; there are beautiful things too. You are one of them.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again. I may not be there to celebrate your successes or simply  laugh with you when you tell a joke, but I will be there when you think the world had turned their backs on you. That is my only promise. I don”t know what life there is for someone like me, but it is great relief that you are there to back me up. ❤


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