Salamat, Sarah


In one of my down-est moments, words from you can somehow cheer me up. I know that these tears are not because of the sad news but because of the warmth your words are giving me. I will stand up again because no matter how sad the news may be, there will be a beautiful tommorow…always. Salamat, Sarah.

I wish I have these excellent writing skills to say how grateful I am, happy and proud to have you as my best friend. I was even bursting to tears while reading this post and I can’t arrange the thoughts I have in mind.

I’ll try my best to express my feelings. But I think I don’t really have to, because you can imagine how will I look like, my reaction will be, tears will always be there, my annoying screams and violent behavior whenever I’m excited or happy. I know you know. Familiar things. You missed about me, too. Hahahah

This was the first time somebody posted something like this for me. I feel so blessed. I feel so important. Most of all, I finally realized the true meaning of these words: BEST FRIENDS. We’ve been through a lot. You know me well. We don’t talk that much. We are actually opposite in some aspects of life but the great thing about us is how we make different things work together.

Our eyes talk. Our hearts listen.

Remember when I joined the Story telling contest in college? You wrote the piece. I delivered it. It was like there are some things that are linked and can’t be one without the other. We are a living proof to that. You’re my thoughts. I am your mouth.

I was really upset and confused a week before we decided to finally open ourselves to each other again and finally say that enough for the space and time for us to grow in our own separate ways. I did even feel guilty about inviting you so that I can again ask for pieces of advice but our meeting was more than that. Catching up. Talked about life decisions. As usual, “ I wake you up to harsh realities of life and you let me realize life is not all grim; there are beautiful things. You are one of them.” This is what we are made for. This is how we work things out. And I just love it!

There were lots of things happened to me and if I am to summarize everything, it will be just as short as this: “There is more to life. We deserve better. Explore. Be brave. Be honest.”

“I am still here, I can paint you heaven.” This shall be in my heart forever.

Yaun lang ako digdi Rhai para saimo. Know what you really want. You’re done with your first huge step. It’s a good start. Brave. Huge. Honest start. And I am so proud of you. Know that nothing has changed. I am still the Sarah you had before and you have more of me now as we try to face this challenging world. Nagpapakamature ngaya! Hehehehe.

You taught me the real meaning of humility Rhai. There will always be excellence in humility. Salamat Rhai. Super Happy ako sa post mo. Very significant. I needed that. Take care and I wish you all the best. (ika na magdefine kang best. 😉


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