September keep me Sane

Pinoys deem September as the unofficial start of the Christmas season… that is, it’s the first of the four -ber months. But for me, September would also be the month when I officially ‘celebrate’ my second year at work. Yeah, everything happened so fast, like I turned two years older in  a heartbeat. Hopefully I also did ‘grow up’.


So September will likely be a new chapter — I will count the remaining few months before 2014 begins a new life unfolding for me. I have the mixed feelings. At one hand, I feel a bit sad thinking that I will have to part ways with some friends I have developed bonds with. But it’s also a relief to actually start and move forward to better days.

Two days ago, I was informed of sad news at work. I got transferred to a new project. Well, it’s not actually new since it is the project where I started. Quite frankly, it felt like I have been demoted, but instead of dwelling on the negativce thoughts, I just thought of it as a breather, or a sign for some positive changes. After all, all good things need to end in some ways. So I just leave it all to the universe.

In the meantime, I will just wait until September ends and the next month and the next. I will be waiting in patience and eagerness.


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