On Selfie-ishness

Former Manila Archbishop Teodoro Bacani Jr., in a homily on Tuesday, said this about taking selfies: “We are selfish, this is what we need to do away with. I, me, myself, those who keep on taking selfie photos…What God wants to say is, ‘Leave your selfishness.’ This is what you need to leave and live in God instead because in God is true peace.”


With all due respect to Bishop Bacani, I believe that just because a person is engrossed in taking selfies doesn’t mean he is selfish. I would rather call it VANITY, or in some ways narcissism. We can all be very vain, admit that. The only difference now is that we have social media where we can all flaunt these self-photos for the world to see.


But there is an old saying, ‘Too much of anything is not good.” Sabi nga nila, Drink moderately. For whatever it’s worth, here are my selfies:

1 2



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