Cynthia and James. Sept 18, 2013

September passed by so quickly. While not a lot has happened to me personally, I was able to witness a life-changing event for a good friend. She tied the knot last 18th. I really made sure that I will be able to see myself the glow in her eyes as she approaches the altar to say ‘I do’ and sign a life-long commitment of love with her lucky man.

kasal2 kasalThe photos shouldn’t lie- she is all so happy as she has found someone who can help her fulfill her dreams; build a family, raise kids and help them build their own dreams. Speaking of happiness, who would be happier than the bride’s maid of honor, Bei who is Cythia’s best friend.

bei bei2 bei3

I saw and experienced more than what  I came there for. I saw how beautiful a family Cynthia has; how fun they are; how supportive her siblings are to her; and how genuinely happy the groom’s family is to see their beloved son/brother wed such a good bride and mother-to-be.

I vow to be there (as long as it’s practically possible) when all my other siblings in UnaVita get themselves into such events that will forever change their lives.


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