Basking in ‘Bali’

While Megan Young was being crowned as the Philippines’ first ever Miss World in Bali on Saturday night, I was having a feel of Bali myself. The fine white sand, cool huts, the captivating sea breeze, the company of trees.


Before you try to ask where this place could be, it’s actually just around the town. In fact, it’s in Sto. Domingo- where I am from. Unbelievable? Well, the place is called Costa Palmera Resort at Calayucay, Sto. Domingo, Albay. It is ironic though that this is my first time to visit the place in my lovely hometown, and I’m definitely impressed. I know right, Sto. Domingo is famous for black beaches but Costa Palmera devised a way to give yout the white sand feel or ‘fill’ if you may.


costa_feels like bali

The occasion- It was Gilda’s birthday on the 27th. We were originally Sorsogon-bound to check out their lovely white sand beaches but since we were budget-short and everyone was quite busy, we decided to find an alternative and a nice one we got.


International Day of Moving On- we called the day/night as such. Everybody has something to move forward from, be it a forgettable experience, a person who caused you heartaches, a depressing job. But we must always embrace the light, invite positivity and claim that everything will be alright.

baltog costa_baltog costa_jadegoddess



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