Going back to the Paper and Pencil

Yesterday, 10.13.2013, was a big day! I finally took the CSE-PPT (Career Service Examination-Paper and Pencil Test) though I should have taken it long time ago when I still knew the answer for 7 x7. But anyways, passing the exam is a requirement for those who wish to render service/get employed in the government offices; and as I also consider that an option in the future, I opted to take the exam.

The 150-item test was quite nerve-wracking. I actually thought that was the longest three hours of my life. I answered some questions with certainty but there were really difficult ones, particularly in Math. The general info and laws section was also a hard nut, especially as I actually did not take a thorough review or refresher for the exam.

The only preparation I did was that I borrowed a reviewer from Momybei so could at least awaken my brain. I didn’t even finish all questions in the reviewer, and for those that I answered and checked, I mostly got more wrong answers than correct ones. Fortunately, the actual exam was less stressful (in my opinion) than the review questions.

Meanwhile, it was good to be back to my alma mater BU, which I missed so bad. I actually wanted to stay longer and just reminisce but I was so hungry already. But I missed u so much BU.

I will just be waiting for the results come December, faithfully hoping that I do pass. May the good Lord grant me this little prayer. For now, life goes on for examinee 24 (238899), room 4, answer sheet 1203074. Good vibes!


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