People of my 2013

As I bid farewell to 2013 the year that was, I am paying tribute to a number of people who have touched my life in various ways, be it known to them or not. Let this be my way of paying my gratitude, having that great belief that people come to our lives to fill a void and that in the end, a part of who we are is because of how they influenced us.


Diamonds. This is the moniker we have thought of to describe the ‘shine’ of barkada we have built at work. But to me, diamonds are also symbolic of our individuality, uniqueness and that inner sparkle. It was not hard to get along with these guys, although they sure thought of me as a quiet, snobbish fella. But first impressions aside, we have developed a special bond which seemed like we knew each other for quite a time already. However, all good things never last they say. Everybody is moving forward and I can only be grateful that I have met them, that I grew up with them and that they have thought me to appreciate my own individuality more than I do. Continue to shine bright, Diamonds and as we always say, ‘til we meet again.


Those that passed. When my high school classmate Debbie passed away, I couldn’t feel more shocked as she was the sweetest, most timid, most kind-hearted girl I could remember. Back then, we never really had the chance to become the best of friends but she was always someone I admire for her diligence, her simplicity and that aura which simply exudes kindness. If she had wings she would be an angel. Now she is, I know.

In September, I have dedicated a post to JayAr…he was the giggly kid from the neighbour, small for his tender 14 years. He died due to health complications. But his life touched mine and my family’s. He will be missed.


Old Friends. Two years after graduation, things have changed tremendously. But it is great relief that some of the old friends of mine still take the effort to get in touch no matter how seldom. Jade and Steff, the sisters life denied me. In my life where nothing seems certain, I am extremely thankful that I have people who don’t judge, only listen; don’t let go, just stay there; don’t forget no matter. I am blessed. I am not sure how far I will go through the tunnel to find my light, but it is a blessing to have people that will accompany me through the dark.


Family. This year made me feel like we have been the happiest as a family. I am thankful that God has bestowed us a better life, coming from the not so fortunate past we had. All seems falling into place. Plus, we are a bigger brood now, with Yuri playing around the house and kuya’s soon-to-be-wife. Finally, I will have an ate. Not to mention my pets/bestfriends.


I don’t live a perfect life. No one does. But what is there to fret when you have people that love you for who you are, what you are. If and only for them, life is beautiful. And the next year will be. Rest assured. In God’s loving embrace. 


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