This is just me being a melodramatic masochist. Over the last 30 days,  I recorded my shout-outs at Facebook just to see how my last few days at work made me feel on a day-to-day basis.  Call me freak, I’m just playing my own psychologist.

I will miss the 10PM ride home. All that fuss. #29days #masochist

To be scared – very scared – is the first right step to finding courage.

All emotions are temporary. Feel them while they last. #27days

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. #26days

A glass can either be half-full or half-empty – it’s how you see it.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe. Breathe. #24days.

You’re not pissed that it rained. You’re pissed because you weren’t ready.#23days

”So simply accepting something is not the same dynamic thing as believing it. ” – The Power of Positive Living by Norman Vincent Peale

One day at a time. #21days

Friday, why are you so near Monday?
Monday, why are you so far from Friday?
-anonymous #20days

Turn right: #19days

Sometimes you jump down from the rooftop just to see how six feet can hurt you. When you end up bruised, then try five feet. But when you ain’t hurt after falling, then you are good for greater heights. Just try. Take the risk.#18days

We are thinking, feeling, growing human beings. #17days

Potential = stored energy. #16days

Fifteen for fighting. #15days

Learn. Unlearn. Re-learn. #14days

I trust the blueprint. Sketches can fail. #13days

Thank You’s but not Goodbyes. #12days

You are where you are for a reason. #11days

Our tongue was made for four basic tastes. So its okay to feel bitter, #10days

Speak less. #9days

Family. Happiness. Synonyms. #8days

Move on. Move forward. Move up. #7days

You will never know how tomorrow will surprise you. So live today. Laugh. Hug a lot. Jump like a kid. Paint the skies. #6days

”Even amid all chaos, God is always present. ” #blessed

Tried. Tired. #4days

Acceptance. #3days

Life is a feast in a fist. #2days

Salamat sa 2 years and 4 months of the good, the bad and everything in between, as well as the people who made things so. Clear skies ahead.
X87 signing out.
#lastday #newbeginnings


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