People of my Year 2014

In 2013, I started listing important people who touched my life over the past year, and as a means of paying them gratitude, I am again naming these beautiful people who have made impact in my life, in the best possible ways.


DIAMONDS. 2014 has been about endings and new beginnings for me. While I decided to leave my job of two and a half years to focus my sight into something greener, I have taken with me precious fragments of life lessons and friendships. My Diamonds, if there is something i won’t forget about that job, they better be it. Mae, Kei, Ivy, Ate Ann, Doodee, Kirt, Jane, and Momybei, my forever listener, will be the greatest baggage I would carry as I move on into new endeavors.

Children International. I have luckily been part even for a very short while of this noble organization, thanks to good friend Benisa who recommended me. That three months has been filled with new and life-changing experiences that will forever be pages to look back to in this life of mine. I have met a lot of different people who may be difficult to associate with names now but have surely been significant in changing my life perspectives. On top of that, I have also gained new friends worthy of keeping, particularly my partners in crime Ellen and Ate Rose.

Saturday Group. It is always the nicest to reconnect with people you can consider your support group through thick and thin. And I am mighty happy that this year, my very special Saturday group is born. The few hours that we get together every once in a while makes it easier to remember who I am in the first place – someone who can choose to be happy amidst everything. more to come with Owen, Ermz, Jade, May, Karla, Gilds, Cindy, Chito, Casi, Diane. And as she always says, Steph will always be there in spirit and thought.

BESTFRIEND and BESTFRIEND-in-Law. Sarah is having the time of her life in Australia with the man who made her fairy tale come true. As a best fiend, I could not be any happier, I actually have no more words – just happy.

Weddings. Speaking of happy couples, Ana Rose and Monique will make my dreams come true by wearing my wedding dresses very very soon. Beyond excited I am for these two and for the Haus of the Sketchophrenic. Cannot wait.

The BRITS. This year has similarly been quite unforgettable as I got to meet my three cousins who were on a short vacation from England. Cathy, Karen, and Christian were strangers to me but thanks to that very few moments that I got to talk to them about kittens, taxes, art and my sketches, I now personally know them as my cousins. God knows when they will be able to go back with Tita Julie and Uncle Nick.

FAMILY. I always consider family my greatest treasure. Fiona, my cousin and goddaughter is growing up so fast and so is Yuri, our bunso. He is growing into a smart boy with lots of questions and answers. Speaking of growing, our family is also growing as my kuya’s girlfriend will soon give birth. Mama is the superwoman of the house juggling the house chores and her sari-sari store. We will be bigger than ever, noisier and happier and will laugh the loudest that the neighbors will be jealous. 🙂

What a year it has been, I have come to realize now. Moving from a place to another, one moment to the next, you meet people that will make an impact and touch you. And who knows? Maybe somebody out there also considers you an influence. To everyone that made 2014 what it is regardless, SALAMAT. All my love.


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