A Post-Mortem to 2014

I haven’t written anything in a very long time that it feels a part of me is longing for the feeling it gives when I am able to express myself in words. As in many previous posts, this one will be about nothing in particular. But let me just go on until I find myself in wherever I need to find myself in.

I welcomed 2015 with another new beginning. It feels like only yesterday when I left my first job a year ago and here I am making a new start.


The past year has been a whirlwind. Surely, it has been one of the most eventful, unstable years for me, considering that I have struggled to find a new job after I left my job of two and a half years. It was not easy trying to begin again and hoping that a beautiful thing will happen along the way. I wished for a breath of fresh air, and that was what I have been given exactly.

In the middle of summer a few months after I resigned, I got a random text message from an old friend asking if I was available for work. Right then and there, I said yes, amid having very little knowledge of what to expect. Cut the story short, I began a new journey, as an NGO worker.


It has been a short and sweet opportunity to touch lives and rediscover myself in the process, for three months day by day. I literally climbed mountains, crossed rivers, rode habal-habal motorcycles, got mud-dirty, soaked in the rain, and it was all worth it. Just being able to face my fears of talking to random people, asking for directions, travelling alone – I have achieved a lot. Plus, I got to meet some really nice people, knew their stories, hear their realities. At some point, you will feel for them in whatever way possible.


But as much as I wanted to continue with the beautiful journey ­–being into unfamiliar place, communing with strangers -, it all ends. But if you think about it, it doesn’t have to.

2014 has also been about going back to my roots. I have been idle most of the year and each day passed like a shuttle. So instead of wasting any more time, I turned to my paper and pencils. Hence, the Haus of the Sketchophrenic is born. Inspiration has come to me like surges, and I think I have mae my best works so far. I still have a lot to learn though. I will forever be a learner.



I also spent a considerable amount of time at the evacuation camps in the latter part of last year when Mayon Volcano showed signs of a possible eruption. Staying there for a month has forced me to downgrade into the simplest possible lifestyle­, with only the very basic necessities. You realize that you can actually survive a simple, quiet life away from the convenience we used to have.


Fast forward to 2015. A fresh start is on the offing. While the results will never be guaranteed, I’m giving it another try as I have done before – and give Life the chance to surprise me pleasantly, will you?


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