Goodbye, DIsastories!

This post is about the other blog of mine called Disastories. And by reading in the title, you probably know what it will be about.

But before all that, let me first reminisce how it all started. That blog began in December of 2011, and I have been writing on and off hence. Unlike this one which is more personal and emotional, that site is where I air my sentiments on current issues, news, controversies, people, characters, TV, and so on. I relived my journalistic writer self, so to speak. Disastories was about the deeper stories borne out of disaster.

The last post, which is dated November 2013, is about the earthquake that affected the Visayas region around the same time, and how the Philippines started coping up.  Now, while the earthquake is and will forever be remembered by those affected, people have slowly coped with the disaster that struck them.


Whew! And now around three years later, I am saying goodbye to the blog which has been a medium of mine to express opinion and judgment on the more serious issues in the society. I always have something lengthy to say, that is.

Nonetheless, the site will still be active, I hope, unless Blogspot decides to remove it from cyberspace, which is unlikely. And I intend to be coming back to read and re-read it again. Those were pieces of me, which I don’t even remember. As my blogger profile says:

manunulat ako. sa aking paniniwala. tagakuwento. tagasulat. tagapagbahagi. sugo ng sining. sa isang di maaninag na sulok. nababasa sa ulan. tulad ng isang bata. madungis. pero puno ng panaginip.


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