Weekend Escape

There is always joy in appreciating beauty in nature. More than what meets the eyes, there are the feelings evoked by a mere beautiful sight. Excitement. Peace. Calm. And so, whenever I get the chance, I take quiet time to communicate with the earth. It is a two-way conversation where words are not spoken but felt.


As my soles touch the ground, I feel like I am recharged by the energy that is present in nature. The breeze seems to talk to me in musical verses, and the radiant sunshine keeps me burning literally and otherwise.

11024736_825751014141078_5079279771249031166_n22299_825752414140938_1375345976822557682_nThe weekend was just that, and more. Every beautiful day spent at my Lola’s little kept paradise is a blessing in itself – a chance to escape from the life I know, those routines, those stresses. Whenever I’m there, I feel like a kid whose worries are shallow.         11059465_825751810807665_9186073316709930368_n10385361_825752650807581_4390219084806128874_nA place where beauty is in every little corner, where every little form of life is a God-given gift to inspire man, to make him sane, to calm his heart, and keep him going. A real home where nothing modern exists.

11061317_825751290807717_2766024557455650062_n11072257_825751137474399_3238140066771210350_nTranscendental. Green fields and blue skies. Wider horizons. They make you see more than what your eyes physically can. They remind you of what you really are inside. They keep you closer to the One who created it all.

10462760_825750234141156_9048101225905577615_nAnd the best part of it, is when your tired and worn-out body feels its fluid embrace of love, of compassion. The sea and its blue and green hues calm your every vein. The splash of water is the most beautiful song man has ever heard.1622651_825753010807545_8981292061455400692_n 10349228_825752194140960_6102751663497541091_n And when it is time to say goodbye, you feel like the same person but not quite. You look forward to coming back again.



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